An art display can do a lot for you as an artist. This is a chance to showcase your art, sell it, and obtain a new handful of clients. You should always be prepared for an art gallery if you want to sell most of your pieces. Below are tips to help you prepare for the next shows.

Determine your right type of audience

What type of audience do you connect to? Just because a show promises to have a great deal of attendance, doesn’t mean you should just sign up with them.  While it is a good chance to get your name out to the art market, you have prioritise getting your type of audience so you can maximize the type of recognition you get.

First, ensure that the people attending the specific art gallery are similar to your client base.  Make sure you know the focus of the event and the theme before you sign up for anything. If the focus is in line with what you stand for then there is a huge chance the gallery/display will be a success for you.

How much time do you have?

Consider all the time you have to prepare for the show and your work calendar as well. Getting ready for an art gallery or any art event for that matter is not as easy as it seems. You need to be ready a couple of months before then depending on the amount of artwork you need to have.

When displaying your art, you should consider the theme of the display as well as the dimensions of the space you have to place them on. If there is enough space, you should definitely consider taking your pieces to the gallery.

Polish your work

Displays are very important to any artist, beginner or guru. You should make sure the art is polished and ready to sell any day. double check your work to see if there are any mistakes and any touch ups needed on the paintings before they go into the frames. Make sure you get the right framing for your art pieces to make them stand out in the gallery.

Set the price right for your pieces

No one can really tell you what to price your pieces. It is up to you to decide how much your painting is worth gauged by the time, money, dedication and talent it took you to create it in the first place. spend enough time planning out and doing a little research on the pricing so you can set it as accurately as you can.

During the art show, make sure you hand the art pieces at eye level

Most art museums and displays hang their artwork with the centre at an average of 55 inches from the floor. This will make it easier to see for people if all sites. The main point of the display is for the guest to enjoy the art without struggling to bend down or stand on their heels.  You can arrange the art pieces together or solo on each wall depending on your concept and what they represent.