what is artgallery8.com?

This is a free resource publish created by artists to focus on the subject or art, specifically galleries, exhibition, selling and buying of art. Created by a passionate team of artists, our aim is to provide the reader with current world and useful information on the subject of art. We provide you with important digitized information about art exhibitions and their value to artists.

As artists, our hope I to inspire artists from different parts of the globe to be the best at what they do and to embrace habits that will make them more successful artists according to their Personal standards.

why art gallery?

For several decades, artists have depended on galleries and exhibitions to sell their artworks. Contemporary art has pushed these boundaries of art and position of artists. Whether you choose to represent yourself and sell your work as individual, or seek to be represented by a known gallery this blog will come in handy.

Art exhibitions make artists work visible to the public. They are very ground-breaking and influential when it comes to the recognition and adaptation of new concepts and styles in the field of art., We believe that art exhibitions represent the appreciation of artists and art by larger audiences.

Ultimately, we hope to help you become more self-understanding in your artistic abilities, art advertisement, networking, finding new contacts, future development and more.

Writers and editorial guidelines

What makes us different from other websites is that we are made op of a completely diversified team. This enables us to provide the most accurate information we can to ensure it is helpful to many.

Our team or artists, art teachers, photographers, painters, writers’ editors, publishers, art lovers and more work together to ensure accurate, elaborate work is presented to the reader. You can count on us to provide you with well researched and up to date information.